There can be a lot to consider when buying a home, especially your first. At Barker Hedges, we'd love to get you going in the right direction with our FREE home buying guide.

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Welcome First Time Home Buyers!

As a prospective first time home buyer, the entire process of purchasing a house may seem overwhelming. There are books, newspaper articles, on-line articles, and other sources that all seem to have different information to provide for first time home buyers. Just researching what one needs to know to proceed with purchasing a home can be a serious investment, let alone actually placing the down payment.

Our website has been created to help Minneapolis and St. Paul area first time home buyers with their research into purchasing a home. More importantly, it’s here to be a resource to people buying their first home within the 11-county Twin Cities Metro Area. Our site has the most comprehensive information available for first time home buyers in this region. But that’s not to say it isn’t an incredibly handy resource for residents in the rest of greater Minnesota.If you are gearing up to buy your first home, be sure to explore this site thoroughly to learn nearly everything you need to know about purchasing a house. You will learn new terms, concepts, available programs for first time home buyers, and what to expect from the beginning to the end of the process. The more knowledge you have about the home buying process, the more confident you will be when you venture into the real estate market. Having the necessary information will also help you follow the American Dream and buy the perfect home for you.

Questions about buying your first home? Reach out today for your FREE home valuation!

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